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At Imagar, we help your organization to obtain great improvements in efficiency by automating your administrative tasks.

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ERP Software

Imagar Informática has a great tool to help their customers search for a comprehensive management solution for their company. With our ERP, you will not have to adapt your company to management software; Imagar adapts said software to your business’ needs, thereby making your company’s management easier and more productive.

Soluciones de Software ERP

Customized Solution

Three characteristics define our ERP:

  • Comprehensive system.
  • Modular system.
  • System is adaptable to the needs of your company.


Mantenimiento Integral ERP

Comprehensive Maintenance

Objectives of IMAGAR’s owner ERP:

  • Comprehensive optimization of business processes.
  • Achieving access to reliable, accurate and timely information.
  • Elimination of unnecessary data and operations.
  • Reduction in time and costs for processes.
  • Real-time machine and person production.





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