<span >E-Commerce</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/e-commerce/" aria-label="E-Commerce" target='_blank' >E-Commerce

Design and development of online shops and online catalogues with the latest technologies.
<span >Other Platforms & Tools</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/other-platforms-and-tools/" aria-label="Other Platforms & Tools" target='_blank' >Other Platforms & Tools

We also offer customised software developments adapted to your personal needs.
<span >Reverse Engineering</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/reverse-engineering-and-software-reengineering/" aria-label="Reverse Engineering" target='_blank' >Reverse Engineering

We investigate, understand and document your project development.
<span >Software Factory</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/software-factory-customised-development/" aria-label="Software Factory" target='_blank' >Software Factory

Designs and developments adapted to our clients' needs. Make your creativity come true.
<span >Software Maintenance</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/software-maintenance/" aria-label="Software Maintenance" target='_blank' >Software Maintenance

Software maintenance services for websites, online stores, management tools and others.
<span >Software Quality Assurance</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/software-qa/" aria-label="Software Quality Assurance" target='_blank' >Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance and Testing that provide peace of mind for your projects.
<span >Web Design & Web Development</span>

<a href="https://www.imagar.com/en/services-catalogue/software/web-design-and-web-development/" aria-label="Web Design & Web Development" target='_blank' >Web Design & Web Development

Specialists in web development, open source and customised web design.

Software Services by Imagar Solutions Company

Imagar Solutions Company specialises in software services, providing a wide range of technical services and IT solutions.

Wide range of software services…

Among other web solutions, we can provide you with a wide range of services, such as:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • E-commerce
  • Software Maintenance
  • E-learning
  • ERP Sofware Solutions
  • Software Factory and custom software development
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Reverse Engineering and Software Reengineering


Finally, if you need more information about these or other services, please contact us through our contact form. You can also follow us on social media or contact us by phone.

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