<span class='p-name'>Amazon Web Services Management</span>

Amazon Web Services Management

Specialist Amazon Web Service administrators with extensive experience.
<span class='p-name'>Cloud Strategy</span>

Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology allows you to store, manage and work with large amounts of information for your business.
<span class='p-name'>Communication Services</span>

Communication Services

We are specialists in Highest quality communications for your information infrastructures.
<span class='p-name'>Computer Forensics</span>

Computer Forensics

Our professional team can analyse traces and help to solve computer crime and fraud.
<span class='p-name'>Computer Systems</span>

Computer Systems

State-of-the-art technology with an exquisite service of the highest professional and human quality.
<span class='p-name'>E-Commerce</span>


Design and development of online shops and online catalogues with the latest technologies in the sector.
<span class='p-name'>Help Desk</span>

Help Desk

We provide the best technical support for help desks. Specialised and experienced IT team.
<span class='p-name'>Hosting Cloud</span>

Hosting Cloud

Comprehensive management of Cloud Web Hosting with maximum performance and hosting security.
<span class='p-name'>Integration</span>


Our specialists can help you get the most out of your investment in integration technologies. Stay up to date.
<span class='p-name'>Managed Security Services</span>

Managed Security Services

With us, you can be updated with everything happening in the world of cybersecurity.
<span class='p-name'>Management IT Security Services</span>

Management IT Security Services

The security of your systems is important for us. We have IT services to take care of it.
<span class='p-name'>Microsoft Azure Management</span>

Microsoft Azure Management

Specialists in management of Microsoft Azure and its solutions.
<span class='p-name'>Online Marketing</span>

Online Marketing

We optimise the traffic to your sites as well as the conversion rates and ROI of your webs and campaigns.
<span class='p-name'>Other Platforms & Tools</span>

Other Platforms & Tools

We also offer customised software developments adapted to your personal needs.
<span class='p-name'>Outsourcing</span>


Imagar provides outsourcing solutions adapted to the technical needs of each business.
<span class='p-name'>Productivity</span>


We want you to be able to carry out as many tasks as possible from any of your devices.
<span class='p-name'>Reputation Management</span>

Reputation Management

Corporate digital identity has become essential to increase your positive online presence. Improve it with us.
<span class='p-name'>Security Audits</span>

Security Audits

Security audits are critical to prevent any possible attacks on your systems. We take care of your peace of mind.
<span class='p-name'>Security Compliance</span>

Security Compliance

We understand and manage all the risks related to information security that may affect your company.
<span class='p-name'>Software Factory</span>

Software Factory

Tailor-made designs and developments completely adapted to our clients’ needs. Make your creativity come true.
<span class='p-name'>Software Maintenance</span>

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance services for websites, online stores, management tools and other technology platforms.
<span class='p-name'>Software Quality Assurance</span>

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance and Testing that provide peace of mind for your projects.
<span class='p-name'>Specialised IT Consultancy</span>

Specialised IT Consultancy

Digital transformation is a challenge but Imagar can help you achieve it.
<span class='p-name'>Technological Infrastructures</span>

Technological Infrastructures

Infrastructure services for different uses and applications according to the client’s needs.
<span class='p-name'>Web Design & Web Development</span>

Web Design & Web Development

Specialists in web development, open source and customised web design.