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At Imagar, we help you optimise your customer service costs. The service provided by our Help Desk has the highest level of optimisation and customisation for our clients. This means that we adjust to your SLAs so that incidents occurring in your IT infrastructure do not affect the development of your business in any way.

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System Services – Help Desk

Customers demand a global service when they buy products. One that goes beyond just the purchase and includes after-sales support. Hence the importance of a Help Desk for today’s companies, as it allows them to have a close interactive relationship with their customers.

An efficient and agile Help Desk will result in high levels of customer satisfaction, which will then translate into a solvent and professional image for the company. The right system and equipment will reduce response time and will speed up all work processes.

Value and Trust

Whether you are a freelancer or a company, the Help Desk service adds value, trust and reliability for your customers, enhancing their experience with your business.

Immediate ROI

The Help Desk provides personalised support thanks to our technology and processes that are designed to help people in their day-to-day relationship with the company.


The Help Desk will provide security for your team, as they will gain confidence in using the company’s technology tools and increase the effectiveness of their day-to-day performance.
Employee experience with the company’s IT tools is essential for achieving a high level of satisfaction at work. Companies must, therefore, strive to achieve optimum efficiency and the right user support according to their needs.

If you want to reach the highest level of user satisfaction, you need a specialised team within the company and a Help Desk. This will enable you to reduce response times in customer support and query resolution, as well as speeding up work processes.

You need people you can rely on if you want to set up a Help Desk. Luckily, Imagar’s professionals focus on helping users through an agile process to resolve any queries, providing you with an immediate return on investment.

At Imagar we have experienced and specialised personnel, with the most prestigious certifications on the market, and they are committed to meeting the demands of your Help Desk users with the professionalism and skill that they deserve. As well as improving your online reputation, you will gain value, trust and an immediate ROI.

If you would like to know how we can help you make the most of your company’s relationship with users through our IT services, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

Control de Incidencias en CAU (Centro de Atención al Usuario)

Incident Management

  • Compliance with demanding technical service level agreements.
  • Help Desk support at all levels (microcomputing, server management, IT security and many others).
  • Administered and procedure-based management, using tools adapted to our client’s technology and business requirements.
Servicio Técnico Nacional en toda España

National Presence

  • Technical service coverage throughout Spain with more than 100 technicians at 30 service points (including the Balearic and Canary Islands).
  • Integrated technology solutions implemented throughout Spain.


  • Instant adaptability to the client’s business needs.
  • Highly qualified technicians (MCSE, VMware Certified Professional, CCNA and other technical certifications).
  • Quick response times and outstanding performance commitments.

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