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Proper software maintenance is essential if business apps are to achieve the objectives for which they have been developed. The Software Factory department at Imagar is responsible for providing all the programmer/analyst services associated with application maintenance. Our aim is to ensure correct operation, improve performance-related parameters, respond to potential incidents arising from functionality or from integration with other systems and even be able to upgrade the functionality of the applications themselves.


  • Corrective Maintenance: With corrective maintenance, Imagar aims to find and eliminate any possible defects in the application developed, as well as dealing with incidents arising from communication with other systems and/or applications. A defect in a system is a potential future failure. A failure occurs when a software system behaves differently from the specification.Some of the issues that may be subject to software corrective maintenance include, but are not limited to, the following:
        • Processing, e.g. incorrect outputs of a program.
        • Performance, e.g. excessive response time in a search for information.
        • Programming, e.g. inconsistencies in the design of a program.
        • Documentation, e.g. inconsistencies between the functionality of a program and the user manual. Etc.


  • Preventive Maintenance: Imagar monitors the platform’s software to improve its properties (e.g. by increasing its quality and/or serviceability) without altering its functional specifications. For instance, it can include instructions that check the validity of input data, re-structure programs to improve their readability or include new comments that make the program easier to understand. This type of maintenance is the one that takes most advantage of reverse engineering and re-engineering techniques.


  • Adaptive maintenance: Through this type of maintenance, Imagar’s technical team will take care of any modifications to the platform due to changes in the environment (hardware or software) in which it runs. Such changes may affect the operating system (change to a more modern one), the physical architecture of the system itself or the software development environment (incorporation of new elements, development tools or frameworks, etc.).


  • Evolutionary Maintenance: Through this type of maintenance, Imagar’s technical team will take care of all those modifications to the apps, both in terms of functionality and in terms of design and/or user experience.


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