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E-learning Platforms

E-learning has become a reality in all senses. There are many advantages to this type of training, but in order to get the most out of it, you need to have the most suitable tools to deliver it.

At Imagar we help you achieve this goal by setting up and customising the most suitable platforms for your needs. We provide you with the pedagogical, organisational and analysis tools you need to relaunch your online training.

We take care of adapting e-learning developments to the specific needs of our clients with:

  • Platforms based on Open Source products
  • Platforms that provide all kinds of tools.
  • CSaaS communications.
  • Content development and management.
  • Technologies based on standards and specifications to create structured learning objects.


ERP Systems

Time is money for all companies and that is why you should aim to make the best possible use of it. New technologies are your greatest allies in this regard, as they allow you to organise and automate processes and information to the maximum. ERP software is the tool that will help you manage your day-to-day business in the most effective way.

At Imagar we want to assist you in ensuring that the management of your company and the various tasks that it entails do not take up the time and energy that you can better use to develop your business. We can, therefore, advise you in choosing, customising and implementing the ERP software that will solve your problems.

It is not about you adapting to a standard management software. It is about adapting the system to what your company needs. This is how you will get the most out of it, reducing costs and time. You won’t have to worry about anything, because we will take care of its maintenance, optimisation and ongoing updating, so that you can focus on your business.


Performance Monitoring and Tracking Platforms

Our technical team specialises in the development of monitoring platforms using a series of objectives that are included in our clients’ business strategy. Today’s multi-departmental diversity and the unstoppable advance of digital transformation in all business areas make it possible for these developments and monitoring processes and results (financial, sales, production, etc.) to be reflected in this type of platform with the aim of minimising the effort required to monitor them. As experts in the development of Business Intelligence (BI) and BIG Data systems, we are also specialists in this type of ad-hoc monitoring system.


Gamification Platforms

At Imagar’s Software Factory we specialise in developing gamification platforms. These platforms are tools that use games and related components (objectives, results, characters and avatars, levels, sections and rewards, etc.) within corporate applications with the aim of promoting their use by employees and users. The competitive nature of these games is aimed at getting as many participants as possible.


For more information on how our ERP software can be of use to you, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

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