Cybersecurity – Managed IT Security Services

The security of your company’s systems is one of our main concerns. Vulnerable equipment and tools can put your entire business at risk due to the number of threats that can affect it nowadays.

Malicious activities have greatly evolved, so an outdated system is the main entry point and a source of vulnerability in your systems. Therefore, at Imagar, our department of experts strives every day to prevent them.

Amongst the services we provide for different platforms are the following:


  • SIEM: We have our own Security Information and Event Management system. This is how we are able to centralise all the alerts that the technical team analyses in order to prevent possible intrusions or vulnerabilities. We also work with leading manufacturers, such as Qradar or Splunk, to assist in the configuration and maintenance of our clients’ SIEM systems.
  • NGFW: We combine the traditional firewall model with other network device filtering functions, such as IPS, proxy, reputation services, sandboxing, etc. These use a different type of analysis and inspection, thus increasing the chances of preventing intrusions.
  • NAC: We are experts in Network Access Control solutions, aiming to carry out an exhaustive control that allows us to detect all connected devices. Also detecting those that may be the source of vulnerabilities.
  • WAF: We provide managed services for different Web Application Firewalls on the market such as Cloudfare, Azure and AWS, and even on OpenSource based WAF services such as ModSecutiry.
  • HIDS: We develop intrusion detection systems designed to identify and restrict host processes that may constitute a threat.
  • CASB Solutions: We design Cloud Access Security Broker solutions. These are check-points that ensure access to all resources that organisations have in the cloud.
  • Antivirus, EDR: We perform a preliminary assessment before we implement an anti-virus system and we set-up, configure and manage them. We can therefore recommend to our clients the option that best suits their needs, both operationally and in terms of infrastructure, regardless of the manufacturer.


For further information on the IT security solutions that may be most useful to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

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